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Personal Training

Types of Sessions

What kind of personal training sessions do we offer?

At Bodyjunkies workout studio in Islington, London, we know that working out and getting fit alone can be an uphill struggle. Staying motivated as you try to keep to your goals can be a challenge, and sometimes, we all need a helping hand. That’s where our personal training comes in. Our studio is well staffed with charismatic, approachable trainers who will help you plan and achieve your personal fitness and wellbeing targets.

There are several options for personal training available with us, including one-to-one personal training where we will guide you through your fitness journey while focusing solely on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you improve your overall wellbeing. Together, we can help motivate, encourage and celebrate your personal goals and targets as you strive to reach your maximum potential.

We also offer group training, which is beneficial for faster paced, higher intensity training sessions for small groups of 2 to 3 people. Perfect for individuals who are motivated in fitness when exercising alongside others, our smaller groups ensure each individual still benefits from personal support while offering a supportive and encouraging workout space.

Can't always get into Islington? Don’t have time to hit the gym or simply like what we offer but don't live close enough? We offer online training for weight loss, toning, nutrition plans... If you have a goal to hit, we will endeavour to help you meet your targets. We are available to answer any questions or queries you may have about your personal fitness journey. The online training includes weekly catch-ups with your personal trainer in Islington, to ensure you are on track with your week-to-week fitness plan.

If you want to do better by your body but have been struggling to motivate yourself to work out alone, get in touch with our friendly team today who can give you advice on getting started with your personal trainer.