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The Ultimate workout in Islington, Boxing for all levels, studio cycling that leaves you spinning, functional training & HIIT classes designed to get you the results you know you can ACHIEVE.

B-Box-Fit (60 mins) @ 259 Holloway Rd with Jason

" it was my first time at the studio and my first ever box fit class. Everyone was really welcoming and the tuition was great. Very challenging but fun. Thanks so much! will return"

B-60 (60 mins) @ Emirates stadium with Stephen

" Love this outdoor class and have come back repeatedly! Stephen remembers everyones names and comes round to correct and encourage. Everyone is super friendly and has a great sense of community! With the weather getting better more recently, Ive noticed an up in numbers."

B-Box-Tech (60 mins) @ 259 Holloway Rd with Kevin

" Really great technical class - tough but enjoyable with helpful personal instruction."

B-Cycle-Ride (45 minutes) with Angelique

" Challenging and upbeat class. Angelique was very motivating. I upped my power by 70 so happy with that and hope to get past 500 next time!"

B-Dance Fusion (60 minutes) with Federica

" Excellent class, really had a good time and the hour went so quickly!"

B-Cycle-Ride (45 minutes) with Danielle

" Was very hard to keep up but great instructor"

B-Box-Fit (60 mins) @ 259 Holloway Rd with Keith

" Keith is great as always! Super encouraging and attentive. Takes the time to remember everyone's names. Tough workout!"




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