Why Choose Classes Over Solo Exercise

Exercise and regular exercising can be daunting if you are new to the fitness scene. Between learning the correct form and poses for stretching to choosing a set of exercises or a sport to keep you fit, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of starting your journey to good health, consider joining one of the exercise classes in our Islington Body Junkies fitness studio.

There are plenty of benefits to joining an exercise class. If not just for motivation, consider the following positives:

Guidance for Good Form

Good form and posture are important aspects of exercising safely. Without good posture, you put yourself at risk of strains and sprains. Not only can this be demotivating, but if you continue to “push through the aches” you can put yourself at risk of a serious injury that can stop your exercise journey before it’s even begun and cause long-lasting problems with movement in the future. If there’s any strong reason to take a class when you are starting your fitness regime, it’s to ensure that you are trained to hold yourself correctly and protect your body from injury.

Motivation and Encouragement

Group exercise has the benefit of working out and exercising alongside others with similar fitness goals. This automatically gives you a group of understanding individuals that feel the burn alongside you and can help motivate and encourage one another to get through particularly hard stretches and tiring workouts. Group classes are also good for offering emotional and mental health support, particularly when working out alongside friends and colleagues. This can help to alleviate anxiety and the risk of burning out.

Group Classes vs Personal Training

If you are reluctant to join larger groups, personal training can be a perfect introduction to solo exercise and still offers some of the benefits of group classes. For example, you will still get guidance on form and posture, although you are more closely supervised when working with a personal trainer compared to a group class which sees the instructors and trainers split between the group. A personal trainer will cost more than signing up to group classes and won’t offer the motivation and social support that a class does but in comparison, you gain the benefit of dedicated exercises for your body type, rather than a one-size-fits-all exercise class.

In summary, solo exercise is absolutely fine but in general, complete beginners to exercising should first seek a trainer or class to allow them to learn good form and correct posture. This will help prevent injuries both initially and further down the line when the intensity of exercises increases.

If you are interested in joining one of our fitness or exercise classes in our Islington studio, get in touch with our friendly and expertly-trained staff on 0203 488 3759 or email us on info@bodyjunkies.co.uk