FOUNDER / B-60 & B-45 Instructor


Embrace your junk !. We want you to believe in your own power, we want you to be a BODYJUNKIE! fitness is a positive addiction, it is not about vanity, it's about doing right by your body, your mind and your health. As a trainer I bring a wealth of fitness knowledge acquired over years, offering a totally diverse and enjoyable training routine unique to the needs of each person. With me as your trainer you will benefit from a variety of tailor made weight based and bodyweight exercises to ensure you burn 600 or more calories a session.

FOUNDER / B-45 & B-Box-Fit Instructor


Bodyjunkies was founded to provide a fitness solution to all, to make fitness fun and effective all in one place. As a founder of bodyjunkies our ethos is about community and bringing like-minded people together to share the experience of fitness in a great environment. As a trainer I have gained over 15 years’ experience training gym goers, celebrities, models and CEO’s. The classes that my clients participate in will always be tough but extremely enjoyable and with my training methods I can ensure that you will achieve your goals.

B-Cycle Instructor

"You do not stop when you are tired, you stop when you are FINISHED"

You do not stop when you are tired, you stop when you are FINISHED Energy and motivation! Those are the only 2 key things you will need to bring to my classes, forget all the fancy equipment, forget the fact you may have never in your life taken these classes. You’re here for a reason, show me your energy and motivation and let’s get it done as a team! You will experience a class I’ve been teaching and evolving for over a year, you will be pushed to your absolute limit so that every class you take will mean you’re that much closer to your perfect body.

B-Cycle Instructor

"Fitness gives you the energy and confidence to achieve all of your life goals. "

Fitness is my life, I am ready to help you achieve your goals. I focus on muscle toning, core strength and body confidence, as a trainer I love to train hard and lead energetic classes. Training with me you are going to sweat, burn calories and smile, I make fitness feel good ! I have competed at the International level Bikini Fitness Competition. I understand how to bring personal training, diet and lifestyle together to achieve optimal results.

B-Cycle & Running Instructor

"Keep pushing even when you want to give up."

I am very passionate about sport, exercise and general well being. In addition to working in the Health Sector, I am a keen runner, and have completed 2 marathons and countless half marathons. As a qualified aerobics and spinning instructor, my aim is to help people progress and achieve their goals by staying motivated and consistent.

B-Cycle, B-HIIT & B-Box-Fit Instructor

"The trainer you’ll love to hate."

Sarah is an ex professional footballer, personal trainer and supermummy. Sarah spent 8 years playing football before becoming a personal trainer following her love for health and fitness.After taking a break from the fitness scene to become a Mum to a beautiful baby girl, Sarah is back doing what she loves, making people sweat and burn whilst working out to an awesome playlist. Sarah is the trainer you'll love to hate, you can expect to leave her class feeling like you've been pushed to your limits but you're also guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face!

B-Box-Tech, B-Box-Fit Instructor & *Professional Boxer

"There is fit and then there is boxing fit!"

I'm a professional boxer with over 18 years experience, technique is the foundation to everything I do; from stance to footwork to punching. I coach all levels developing and improving their skills. Fitness is another key component to my style of training, there's fit and then there's boxing fit, each one has it's level. I focus on improving speed, strength, explosive power and endurance with boxing specific circuits and drills. I dare you to come and test your upper limits with me behind you.

B-Box-Tech, B-Box-Fit Instructor &
*Amateur Boxer

"Innovative style and grace - ready to sweat."

Boxing is the new Picasso because it provides the best workout and challenges you both mentally and physically. Boxing not only helps to strengthen and tone your muscles, but it's also a great stress release. I’m very energetic and a fun person in and outside. In my classes so I promise to bring the best out of you – Burn fat, Increase muscle tone, release stress, increase endurance and improve core strength and stability.

B-HIIT Instructor

"Passion brings direction."

My passion for health and fitness has spanned several fields including personal training, strength and conditioning, nutrition and weight management. My role is to motivate, empower and make training a fun and rewarding experience. My aim is to equip you not only with skills but also with knowledge of how to reach your fitness and health goals.

B-Cycle, B-HIIT & B-Box-Fit Instructor

"Get fit stay fit."

I have been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. Training with me, I will get you results in no time, no matter what aims or goals are I will definitely help you achieve them. I am specialised in many fitness areas and aspects, from general fitness, weight management, body building and many more. I bring a lot of fun , challenges and love to my classes , I make sure that I equip you with all the tools to help you reach your goal , I challenge you to be better , In my classes I make sure I keep everyone motivated and working at 100%.

B-Cycle & B-HIIT

"The time is going to pass by regardless of the effort you put in, achieve something from it."

Its going to be fun, its going to be tough but you'll come out of classes feeling amazing and like you've achievement something. We'll go through challenging and innovative exercises and we'll build a relationship focused on transforming your mind and body. I leave you with this. I will give you the motivation and energy, all i ask is for you to give me the effort.


"Stretch, strengthen, balance and breathe "

Paula teaches yoga to all levels including complete beginners to experienced yoga teachers in studios, health clubs and leisure centres all over London, and spent two months over the summer of 2017 teaching a yoga retreat abroad in Canada, where she taught people from all over the world.. Paula loves the feeling yoga gives her, in her body, in her mind, and in her soul - the sense of space in the body and the mind, how the energy can be moved and freed and changed, and the sense of joy and freedom experienced from being on the mat. Paula loves sharing these gifts with others. Having dealt with her own injuries from snowboarding she is keen to support others to heal and practice safely but with a sense of freedom.

B-45, B-HIIT & B-Box-Fit

"Pain is temporary."

Kwok has worked as a personal trainer and class instructor for over 8 years. He teaches Boot camps, Fight Clubs, HIIT, Kettlebells, TRXs, Animal Flows, Indoor Cycling, and Rehab/Prehab. Apart from his experience in teaching classes, he also participates 10 weekly classes himself. In his spare time, he enjoys gymnastics, Muay Thai, and Obstacle Assault Races (OCR) Training. Kwok’s classes are simple his goal is to ensure you get something out of it. He will help you to improve your form and technique for good movement patterns, get you sweating and interacting with other members.


"You'll leave the mat with a sense of calm and well-being."

I first discovered yoga as a way to de-stress from a high stress job. I practiced my first class and have never looked back, having since gone on to gain a Yoga Alliance teaching qualification. I specialise in mindful vinyasa flow and restorative yoga classes with an emphasis on safe alignment. My aim is to help you increase strength, mobility and improve posture but to also leave the mat with a sense of calm and well-being.


"Challenging, incorporating a balance of flexibility and strength."

Mel is trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and hot yoga. Mel also has a strong meditation practice and always encourages elements of mindfulness in her classes. Mel’s classes are dynamic and challenging, incorporating a balance of flexibility and strength. Mel encourages her students to practice mindfully, as a way to connect the mind and body together. Mel came to yoga as a way to stretch her stiff body after running half marathons. First stepping on the mat back in 2009, she soon recognised she was getting more out of yoga than just stretching her hamstrings.


" I was hooked. I bet you’ll be hooked too."

The first time I tried Zumba I was hooked. I bet you’ll be hooked too. I began teaching Zumba in 2010 and love it just as much now as I did then. It is fun, sweaty and challenging. It gets you in shape, releases stress and works the mind

"Refreshing and encouraging group training experience."

We provide a refreshing and encouraging group training experience with motivating trainers guiding you through every exercise and ensuring you get the most out of each session. We give you 100% dedication through exercise to help you achieve your goals. The studio is an extension of what we believe will help you along your fitness journey.

"We focus on our customer connection."

What makes us different to the studios is that we focus on our customer connection and aim to leave you satisfied each and every time your come to see us. We provide a variety of training options throughout the day in accommodation to our clients lifestyles, we also ensure that our class environments have a limited capacity so that we maintain the intimacy and personal interaction.

"We absolutely love what we do."

Bodyjunkies offers a variety of group classes that include B-Cyle, B-Box-Fit, B-Box-Tech, B-Yoga, B-HITT, B-Zumba and many more. We strive to offer the best solution for your fitness needs all under one roof. We are constantly investigating new training methods and recommend them when they make sense.

We absolutely love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to each client we work with. So if you want to work with trainers in a studio that care about your results then choose Bodyjunkies.