Don’t Get Fooled by Fad Dieting

When you are trying to lose weight, whether for a special event or just to feel healthier, it’s tempting to fall into the traps laid by fad diet writers with their promises of “lose a stone in a week” or in more recent trends, “lose weight around your stomach without affecting other areas”. That last one might ring a bell with you as it’s just what the Mushroom Diet promises to do – offer selective weight loss on certain areas of your body.

Of course, this isn’t true. Losing weight comes from leading a balanced lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly, either at home or through attendance at your local gym or health club. Islington based Body Junkies is here to advise you; not only about why fad diets don’t work but also by explaining how they can actually be dangerous for you.

What Classes as a Fad Diet?

A fad diet is a diet that often comes with steep promises of weight loss or other health benefits including longer life, healthier skin or shinier hair, for example, yet it’s very rare that these diets are supported by any scientific backing. Celebrities frequently appear endorsing fad diets as they pop up which is another good indication that something isn’t right. Fad diets tend to be time-dependent in their promises, like the common “lose a stone in a week”, which is not only difficult to achieve but is not good for your health in general.

Why Shouldn’t You Trust Fad Diets?

Fad diets often come with promises to attract your attention and the celebrity endorsement to “show they work”. This is just to draw potential customers in and convince them to buy products or weight-loss supplements. Following these diets can actually cause you more harm than good, often leading to further health issues like dehydration, fatigue and irritability. In extreme cases, fad diets have led to digestive issues, eating disorders and problems with mental health.

On the other hand, making positive changes to your lifestyle will see the opposite effect. You’ll feel more awake and be able to sleep better, in addition to feeling less moody and irritable and you’ll soon start to notice weight loss or toning, depending on your goal.

If you want to make positive changes to your lifestyle but are unsure where to start, our expert team of friendly trainers can give you the advice you need to make healthy changes, including information on dieting, nutrition and regular exercise.

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