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Strong, sweat-drenched, calorie burning RIDES. Here at Bodyjunkies, our indoor cycling class will work you to the edge, getting your heart pumping as you ride to the rhythm of our upbeat, high tempo playlists. Feel the burn as you course through the choreography amidst our state of the art sounds. Join us for the best workout to start or end your day! We will leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and more energised.

Our pedals are suitable for a standard training shoe but are compatible with SPD cleats so if you have a set, bring them along.

We welcome all levels and will leave your head spinning for your next indoor cycling class.


What is B-Cycle?

B-Cycle is a high powered indoor cycling class that is built for you. The 45-minute-long class is designed to give you a road bike experience without needing to face the elements thanks to adjustable magnetic resistance. The Keiser M31 bike promises massive endurance gains – are you ready to ride?

Why B-Cycle?

Our B-Cycle classes are a high energy cardio lift that helps burn calories and fat. Road cycling can be daunting – and dangerous – in London, but our indoor cycling class takes away the barriers and offers something much more exhilarating in a group environment. Feel the adrenaline pumping for all the right reasons!

Where is B-Cycle?

Our Bodyjunkies Islington indoor cycling class studio can be found at 259 Holloway Road, London N7 8HG. Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, so come along and join us to make fit your positive addiction.


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