Personal Training Islington

Personal Training is the most efficient and cost effective training option we offer. The human body is an amazing and complex organism, and requires a variety of training approaches for it to function optimally. Your Technique, tempo, and intensity are closely monitored during sessions, to make sure you maximise your potential.

Fitness is not just a slim waist and toned muscles, it is a strong and healthy heart and lungs, flexible muscles that allow a full and stable range of motion, muscular endurance to perform tasks over a long period, muscular strength to cope with heavy loads, core stability of the stomach and back to ensure good posture and alignment, speed, agility and balance to get the most out of life.

Training Packages

Packages are designed with your availability and training goals in mind. We recommend you to book a consultation session where we will provide you with your best options.


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Types of Sessions

What kind of personal training sessions do we offer.