Zen and Relaxation

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Click to join) - This class will improve your strength and mobility, taking you through a moving sequence of seated, standing and floor based yoga postures. You will work through all the major muscles as well as perhaps using some you have not encountered before! Expect to sweat before finishing the class with a lovely relaxation. As well as the physical benefits, this class will also help you to improve mental focus and clarity.

Restorative Yoga - How often do you truly relax? This class will help you to wind down from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead. Restorative yoga is the practice of slowing down and tapping into our parasympathetic nervous system often known as our “rest and digest” response. After an hour of being held by props in supported poses, you will leave this class with a sense of mental ease and physical lightness. Other benefits can be improved digestion, improved sleep and reduced stress. It can be the perfect complement to a more vigorous exercise routine.


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