What Happens to Your Body During a Work-Out?

Exercise - we should all be doing it, but do you know what goes on in our bodies when we do?

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

Get Fit and Fab for July, by following our Tailored July Challenge workout or attending our bootcamps ....

30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

4 Classes a week and 16 classes over the month. Weight and Body fat measurements will be taken at the first session of the commencing challenge and taken again on the final day of the challenge...

Tired of jogging fitness plan

Here at bodyjunkies we have a few clients that are completely bored of the running and cycling aspect of cardio to lose weight and tone up. So we have devised a workout that keeps your heart rate up while burning away the fat.

Best Way To Lose Big

One mistake that I see in the gym is people doing their cardio exercise before weight training. If you do cardio session before a weights session it will totally render both activities null and void. When you do cardio with stores of carbohydrates in your body which is stored as glycogen..

Crossing Fit

So I ask myself what is cross fit? Well I have discovered that it is a strength and conditioning system that is designed to use a variety of different exercises to target physical fitness. Using a combination of exercises bodyweight, weights and cardio based drills.