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If you choose to work with us, we’ll give you 100% dedication through exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle and delivering M.R.M.T (maximum results minimum time). We provide a professional service catering to your every fitness needs and ensuring you train with passion.

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Emirates Stadium Dennis Bergkamp Statue, 45 Hornsey Rd, London N7 7DD

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Tired of jogging fitness plan
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Here at bodyjunkies we have a few clients that are completely bored of the running and cycling aspect of cardio to lose weight and tone up. So we have devised a workout that keeps your heart rate up while burning away the fat.

Best Way To Lose Big
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One mistake that I see in the gym is people doing their cardio exercise before weight training. If you do cardio session before a weights session it will totally render both activities null and void. When you do cardio with stores of carbohydrates in your body which is stored as glycogen

Crossing Fit
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So I ask myself what is cross fit? Well I have discovered that it is a strength and conditioning system that is designed to use a variety of different exercises to target physical fitness. Using a combination of exercises bodyweight, weights and cardio based drills.

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"To turn a lifelong couch potato into a gym rat is no small feat. Bodyjunkies is terrific. Exercise routines are individualized and challenging, but not more than you can handle. I really enjoy the atomosphere working with Bodyjunkies it inspired me to continue on my fitness journey."

Rebecca Lingard

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"The sessions I have attended with Jason at Bodyjunkies have been fantastic I really enjoy them. His classes are hard but that’s why we all love them. That’s what we want - results!!! Thank you again!"

Chelsea Blake

client image

"As a bloke who didn’t enjoy exercising at all, after just one session with Bodyjunkies, I enjoyed it so much that now I am a regular. Stephen who is my trainer is friendly vibrant and his personality makes exercise feel less like a chore, and more like fun. I would recommend coming and seeing for yourself."

Rob Green


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